App of the week: Sketchbook by Autodesk

Sketchbook by Autodesk is now free


Sketchbook is one of the best digital painting software for artists, and one of the best apps for drawing and painting on the iPad. It’s available for Android and iOS phones and tablets – and their desktop version for Macs and PCs.

Features include a wide range of brushes, pencils, inks & markers.

PSD (Photoshop-style layers) compatible on all devices means that layer names, groups and blending options are saved and can be viewed/ edited on any device.

Autodesk announced that their Sketchbook is now free on all devices, however – as a student/staff member, we can also get access to Sketchbook Enterprise – which has advanced industry-standard features.

As a student/ part of the university, Sketchbook for Enterprise is free!

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