App of the Week: Hold

Is your phone distracting you whilst you are trying to study? Do you want to get free rewards whilst studying? Hold is the app for you!

The mobile app hold allows you to earn points that can be converted into rewards by staying off your phone whilst on campus. Hold tracks when you are on campus, so whether you are in a lecture, a seminar or having a library session by setting your phone on hold, you can receive 10 points every 20 minutes. For an hour long lecture, you can receive 30 points as well as being more productive by removing the distractions. The rewards on offer that can be converted from points include discounted cinema tickets, free popcorn and £5 gift vouchers. The app also allows for friendly competition against your friends and other students on your course to be at the top of the weekly leader board. If you find your phone distracting and want to get rewarded as well as being more productive then this is the app for you.



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