AppHub is now AppsAnywhere

AppHub is now upgraded to AppsAnywhere on managed desktops. AppsAnywhere is our new app store for accessing software on any PC, anywhere on campus. Using AppsAnywhere frees up space on your computer, thereby optimising performance. It also makes updating apps and applying bug fixes quicker and more efficient.

AppsAnywhere is very easy to use. Click on the ‘AppsAnywhere’ desktop or menu shortcut, visit on your managed desktop computer to log in automatically. Once logged in, AppsAnywhere will ‘validate’ your session to find out who and where you are to show you the relevant applications. It does this using the AppsAnywhere Client, which is installed on your Managed Desktop computer. You will be notified with a green banner at the top of the page once validation is complete. Once validated, you can use the search box at the top right of the page to find your application. Once you have found your app, simply click on ‘Launch’.

If you are unable to log in or validate your AppsAnywhere session, please make sure that you are using a Managed Desktop computer and that you are connected to the SHU network. While accessing AppsAnywhere, if you see a message asking ‘Open AppsAnywhere Launcher?’ please check the ‘Remember my choice’ box and click on ‘Open’. If you continue to experience issues, please contact IT Help for further advice.


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