App of the Week: Snipping Tool

Everyone loves a screenshot and as we all know, we’ve got more than a couple of ways to take a screenshot on our mobile devices. What about on our laptops and computers then? If you’re using Windows Vista or later, there’s a handy screenshot utility software called the ‘Snipping Tool’. With this, you can screenshot the entire screen, or choose from the different options to snip a rectangular area or a free-form area.

To use this tool, click on the windows button and search for ‘Snipping Tool’. Once you’ve selected the software from the results, your page greys out and it brings up the snipping tool box. Click on the arrow next to ‘New’ and choose the kind of snip you wish to make. With the Free-Form Snip, you can draw a free-form shape around any object on the screen. Use the Rectangular Snip to screenshot a rectangular area of the screen. The Window Snip lets you screenshot a browser window or any dialogue box that’s open and the Full-Screen snip takes a screenshot of the entire screen.



After you’ve captured your desired snip, you can further annotate and/or highlight on it. There’s an option to save the snip to your desktop or share it using the options under the Send button.



While the Snipping Tool is only available on Windows laptops and computers, Mac users can use the following two methods to capture screenshots:

  1. Print Screen: Press COMMAND+SHIFT+3 simultaneously to save an image of the entire screen to your desktop.
  2. Part of Screen: Press COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously to snip a specific area of the screen to your desktop. When the cursor changes to a cross +, drag a box around the section you want to capture.

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