App of the Week – Globespinnng

Most of you’ll have finished your exams and holiday season is just around the corner. In this vein, this week’s app of the week is a travel app called Globespinning. Globespinning is an app that primarily allows travelers to share their travel itineraries with fellow travelers. These include sharing trip ideas, hotel and restaurant suggestions, and even ideal scenic routes making this app a useful tool for all aspects of travel planning.

The app is very simple and intuitive to use. You can plan trips by simply following other travelers and going through their photographs and itineraries before picking one for yourself. Alternatively, the more creative travelers can create journeys by sourcing itineraries from various travelers, and then mixing these up to suit your interests and preferences. In this way, this app can be used to tailor your trip to your liking.

As a travel sharing app, one of the main features is photo uploading and sharing. After your trip, to help other travelers you can share photos and travel tips from your own journey thereby also creating for yourself a travel journal to always look back on.

In short, this is a three step travel app – discover itinerary, amend it to suit your interests, publish your itinerary for other travelers to enjoy.

How to find it?

This app is currently only available to iPad and iPhone users.


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