App of the Week: Inkodo

This week’s App of the Week is Windows’ note-taking app called Inkodo. Having said that, it needs to be underlined that Inkodo is unlike any other note-taking app – it doesn’t simply let you make notes; it goes beyond with its photo-editing, notification, and streaming abilities. This is basically a very creative all in one app.


Depending on your device, you can either use a stylus, your fingers, the mouse or a combination of all three. You can use the app to sketch ideas, import images/PDFs, make photo montages, annotate, doodle or simply take down text notes. As additional features, the app presents handwriting recognition that converts your strokes into raw text and voice recognition to turn your speech into text. You can also broadcast your whiteboard on your local network and ink in real-time with other Inkodo users. Finally, it intergrates with OneDrive so you can save all your files and access them remotely.

How can I get it?

The app is only available to Windows 10 users. You can download the app on your Windows 10 Pc, or your Windows phone:


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