APA Referencing system: What to do if there are multiple authors?

Your in-text citations and full references should look like this:

One author

Reference list: Philips, D. (2006). Quality of life: concept, policy and practice. London: Routledge

In-text citation: Philips (2006) states…

Two authors

Reference list: Kimball, R. & Ross, M. (2002). The data warehouse toolkit: The complete guide to dimensional modelling. New York: Wiley.

In-text citation: Kimball and Ross (2002) posits…

Multiple authors

Reference list: Styner, M., Gerig, G., Leiberman, J., Jones, D., & Weinberger, D. (2003). Statistical shape analysis of neuroanatomical structures based on medical models. Medical Image Analysis, 7(3), 207-220.

In-text citation: Cite all names the first time and then Styner et al. (2003) assert …


multiple authors




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