App of the Week: Travefy


With summer already here, most of you must be looking forward to planned holidays. With the highs of every holiday comes the low of organising your holiday. What if there was an app to help you organise your itinerary? Actually, there is – Travefy.

Travefy is a website that helps combine all your flight bookings, hotel bookings, car rentals, and  day-to-day trip activities before sharing it with your travel mates. It also has an expenses tab which you can use to keep a tab on who has paid for what and how much you or your travel mates owe whom. Among all its features, what stands out in Travefy (among other travel planning apps) is that it allows you to make notes, carry out discussions or start a poll with the aim of ironing out any creases there may be on your draft itineraries. There is also a discover tab that you can use to search for local attractions that you may have missed or overlooked.

All edits on Travefy need to be made on their website online but once you have them all sorted, you can download the final itinerary as a pdf or link to use for future reference. You can also download the Travefy app from your app store. At the moment you can only use the app to view your final itinerary so make sure that you make all the changes you need on the website before downloading the itinerary on your mobile devices.

Where to get it?

Travefy official website

The mobiles apps can be downloaded from the following app stores:

app_apple_store google_play

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