Did you know you could use an online bibliography builder to help you with citations?

There are a number of applications that generate citations in various formats for your bibliography on the internet. At shu we recommend using RefWorks. RefWorks offers you a platform to keep a record of all your references and you can also use it to create single citations or whole bibliographies. to add references to RefWorks, you can do so by either entering it manually or by importing references from the library database or even Google Scholar.

Once you’ve added your references on to the RefWorks database, you can sort through them and organise them into different folders for easy access. With RefWorks you can choose your preferred referencing style. For convenience RefWorks now included the Harvard SHU style that we use at Hallam. RefWorks also comes with an add-in called Write-N-Cite for Microsoft Word documents. With this you can now create citations and bibliographies directly on your Word document.

To use RefWorks, you need to sign up for an account: visit the RefWorks website and click on the ‘Sign up for a New Account’ link. If you are on campus, complete the form. alternatively, if you are off campus, make sure that the “I have a Group Code” option is selected. Enter the shu Subscriber Group Code and click on Find Institution.  Now, complete the rest of the form. You will be able to use RefWorks instantly.

If you have trouble accessing RefWorks or trouble using it, we have a RefWorks user guide to help you or you can simple watch this video tutorial:

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