App of the Week: Karavan

You and your group of friends plan to go for a music festival. You decide to meet up at the entrance. You get there and you realise there are not only large crowds of people but also more than one entrance to the venue. What do you? If your answer is that you’d call each one of your friends incessantly till every one of you have gathered, then let me tell you – there’s an app to help you. Karavan is a real-time location app that helps you connect to your friends in real-time, see and locate them on a map, and it also lets you chat with them. With Karavan you can be care-free about meeting up with your friends whether it’s at a carnival, a theme park, or even at a crowded bar or restaurant.

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Karavan is quite easy to use – get your friends on Karavan, scroll through their names and see where they are on a map. The app is currently only available for Apple users. For more information on how to use the app, visit Karavan’s website.

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