App of the Week: Words with Friends


This week’s app of the week is a fun game called Words with Friends. For those who remember Scrabble, Words with Friends doesn’t need any explaining. For those unfamiliar with Scrabble, the objective of this game is to make words out of the letters assigned to you and score the maximum number of points. The board also includes double-letter, double-world and triple-letter, triple-words squares – if you make a word using them, you receive bonus points.

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Words with friends is a two-player game and it is turn based. After you make a move, you have to wait for your friend to play a world before it is your turn again. The game ends when there are no more letters left and the player with the highest score, wins. If you have no friends interested in playing the game with you, or if you simply want to practice and improve your skills, then there’s a ‘solo play’ mode that you can try. Alternatively, if you’re the best among your friends and you’re bored with winning all the time, you can ask the app to fix you up with a player with a higher skill than yours using the ‘smart match’ option.

Where to get it?


The game is also available to download and play on your Windows10 PC. To get it visit the Microsoft website.






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