Did you know: Create secure passwords


The answer to the question ‘How many accounts do you have online?’ is not a simple one. There’s Facebook, email, that forum you posted on, that website you buy things from, that app you use, that blog you write on – the list is endless.

The next question is: How many passwords do you have? Hopefully, it is more than one. If you’re using a single password for all your accounts, CHANGE IT NOW.

How to create secure passwords?

To start with, use a different password for each of your accounts, or at least avoid using the same one for more than two accounts. Make use of all the combinations – choose a password that is more than eight characters long including upper-case, lower-case, and numerical. If you’re feeling brave (and if the site allows it) I would urge you to throw some symbols (!”$%*) into the mix as well. Avoid passwords that are too common, or ones that can be easily guessed. Check the list of common passwords and steer clear from it.

And, while we are on this topic let’s remember never to give out passwords to anyone. This way, your password will be safe, secure, and it will be yours.


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