App of the Week: Google Goggles



Google Goggles is a type of augmented reality app but only better – it is a visual web search engine. Although it has been described as the all-in-one scanner, it goes beyond that. With Google Googles you can do the very basic, that is, scan barcodes and QR codes to extract information. It can also be used as a translation app – take a photograph of any foreign language text and Google Goggles provides an accurate translation for you. You can use it to add contacts by simply scanning business cards or QR codes. Google Goggles also has a feature that helps you find products or images similar to ones you have scanned.

Leaving the best for the last, the most important feature of Google Googles is its ability to recognise famous landmarks. How many times have you come across a landmark which you might recognise as being an important one, but whose name you do not know? With Google Googles, all you have to do is scan the landmark and it immediately gives you the name with some helpful information about it. Google Goggles also recognises paintings, books, DVDs, or any 2D image for that matter. Additionally, you can also use it to solve Sudoku puzzles!

This one is a must-have app. Google Googles is available on the Android operating system.


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