App of the Week: Language Immersion for Chrome

This week’s app of the week that asks the question: ‘Are you learning a new language?’ is not really an app, but a Google Chrome extension.

The key to learning a new language is to expose yourself as much as possible to the new language. With the internet, this is easier than you think. Here’s a Google Chrome extension you must install to help you with your foreign language study:

Language Immersion for Chrome is a Google Chrome extension that you can download from the Chrome web store and add to your toolbar. Once you’ve added this extension, bits of text on the webpages that you are browsing on change to the target language as per your choice. So, if you wish to learn French, you choose the language from the options and with a click of a button, your webpage now has a mix of text – some in English and some in French. If you come across a word that is unfamiliar, all you have to do is click on it and it reverts to English. There is also an audio option which when switched on, you can hear the text spoken by a native speaker of the language chosen.


Where to get it?

The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store.







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