App of the Week: Post-it Plus


We all know what post-its are, and we use them all the time. Now, the brain behind Post-it, 3M, has launched a new mobile app. Using the Post-it Plus mobile app, you can capture, organise and share your post-it notes from an iPhone and iPad. This app is not like any regular sticky note app that lets you only create notes within the app. With the Post-it Plus app you can capture a photo of up to fifty non-digital square Post-it notes which are then identified on your screen with a small tick-mark on each note. You can create a digital board using these post-its, and you can also uncheck the ones you do not want to retain before creating your board. Once you’ve created your board, you now have a virtual post-it board where you can select individual post-its, arrange them, edit them and reorganise them.

Watch this video to get a better idea of how the Post-it Plus app works:

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