Google Apps for Education: Google Keep


Google Keep

Google Keep is not just a note taking tool but it can be also used to save articles and images, share lists and also set reminders. Its best feature is the ability to make quick notes on it – you can use the voice and/or feature to record and save notes as well. If you’re a visual person you can categorise your notes using colours and Google Keep also allows you to carry out searches based on colours. Students can save important websites to Google Keep for safekeeping. To do this, click the share icon on Chrome and choose Google Keep from the options. A link to the webpage is now saved onto a note in Google Keep.

You can personalise Google Keep by choosing from the different view options. If you like to see all your notes at once when you open Google Keep then keep it on the default mode but if you want to focus on one note at a time, then choose the single column view to scroll through all your notes one at a time.

If you aren’t already convinced then you need to know about the two best features of Google Keep: text capture and voice memo transcripts. Not only can you save images on to Google Keep but you can also choose the Grab Image Text from the options and Google Keep captures text from the image and converts it to editable text.  What you can also do is tap on the microphone icon to create a voice memo – Google Keep transcribes your spoken words into text as well.

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