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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a straightforward calendar app that allows you to organise all your appointments, events, and tasks. The most attractive feature of Google Calendar is the flexibility it offers you in terms of creating individual calendars. By doing this you can create a calendar each for personal appointments, timetabled classes, and so on. They all appear together on your calendar but you also have the option to toggle it on/off – this is handy when you have a lot of events and appointments. Some of its other useful features include the ability to access your saved calendar on your mobile devices, to share your calendars with family and friends, the ability to integrate Google Calendar with all your other Google Apps, and the ability to customise calendar views to suit your need and style. 

To create a new calendar visit the page directly – – on your browser. Log in using your Google credentials. You can also log in using your SHU account if you like. To do this, simply log in using your SHU credentials. You will be redirected to the SHU login page – use your normal credentials here. If you’re already logged on to Gmail on your SHU account, just head over to Google Calendar – you will be logged on directly.

Using Google Calendar is fairly straightforward. Click the create button to add a new appointment. You can include details such as venue, description of event, and also choose if you want to be reminded before your appointment. This is especially helpful when you’ve synced your calendar to your mobile device – the phone buzzes to remind you that you’ve to be somewhere. To create a new calendar, go to My Calendars on the left column, click on the down arrow and choose create new calendar.

You can also link your SHU timetable to your Google Calendar. To do this, your timetable must be linked to your Google account. If you haven’t already done that and have deleted the email from IT with regards to this, them contact IT to generate a replacement email. Once you’ve received the email, follow the instructions to successfully link your timetable to your Google Calendar. The next step is to go to and enable the tick next to the SHU email account. You timetable should now show up on your Google Calendar and on all your mobile devices that have the app installed.

If you use google Chrome, install the Google Calendar as an extension to easily access it on your web browser.

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