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Google Groups

Google Groups is a free, online service aimed at groups that are looking to share information easily and communicate effectively. With Google groups, members can share files, posts, and ideas; create discussions; and send emails. All emails that are sent within and to the group are archived, so it’s easily searchable when you want to revisit them.  You can also choose if you want to make this platform public or private.

Teachers and students can use Google Groups to support teaching and learning respectively. Students can use Google Groups to share ideas, store documents, and organise web resources as they work. This is a handy tool especially for group work. Teachers on the other hand can use Google Groups to make and distribute handouts, generate reading material and reading lists, create assignments and share web links that students might find useful. This is especially useful for teachers to send out emails to the class a whole.

To create a new group visit the page directly – – on your browser. Log in using your Google credentials. You can also log in using your SHU account if you like. To do this, simply log in using your SHU credentials. You will be redirected to the SHU login page – use your normal credentials here. Alternatively, you can also access Google Groups through your Gmail. To do this, log into Gmail using the account you would like to use Google Groups on and click the icon on the top right corner of your Gmail screen – the icon appears as a small set of nine squares. On clicking the icon, you can see Google’s popular products. Choose Groups and you will be be automatically redirected to your SHU Google Groups.

Once you’ve logged in hit the create button. you will then be prompted to fill out details: group name, group email, and group description. Once you’ve filled the details out, choose your privacy setting and when you’re happy with it, click create. Now that your group is created, start adding members. you can always make changes to the group in terms of removing or adding members and also changing the owner of the group.







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