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Google Drive

Google drive is your personal hard drive space to store, access, create,edit, and share files and folders of all types. Google drive also includes Google apps like Google Docs (Word), Google Sheets (Excel), and Google Slides (Powerpoint). With Google Drive, you can now share files and folders with other contacts to enable collaborative working. What’s most interesting is that changes occur in real time which means that you can see the changes as they’re being made and also know who is making the changes. You also have the option of downloading Google drive to your desktop in order to access files remotely. Google drive is available on all mobile devices which gives you access to your files on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Accessing your SHU Google Drive account

To access your Google drive associated with your SHU account go to and log in using your SHU credentials. For example: followed by your password. Alternatively, you can also access your drive via your SHU email. To do this click on the icon on the top right corner of your Gmail screen – the icon appears as a small set of nine squares. On clicking the icon, you can see Google’s popular products. Choose Drive and you will be be automatically redirected to your SHU Google drive.

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