Manage your Gmail efficiently with plugins


Here’s a list of five plugins that you can download to your Gmail account to help you boost email productivity:

1. Follow Up.CC

While Boomerang sends the sender a  reminder when someone hasn’t replied to their email, with Follow Up.CC you can create polite follow up emails to be sent to the recipient when a certain amount of time has passed and they have not replied to your email. You can set up a follow up email to reach the recipient by choosing a specific date or a certain amount of time after the initial email is sent.

2. Key Rocket

Key Rocket is a software tool that teaches you keyboard shortcuts. When the plug in is added to Gmail, it prompts you with equivalent keyboard shortcut pop-ups when it identifies that habitual mouse actions are performed. It doesn’t get in the way by showing you shortcuts for actions you rarely perform. Moreover, it stops showing you shortcuts once you’ve learnt them. 

3. Secure Gmail

Secure Gmail is an excellent tool if you want to send encrypted messages. an email sent via Secure Gmail cannot be accessed by anyone except the recipient, not even by the Google servers. for the recipient to decrypt the message, they will have to use the password – one that the two of you have agreed upon. Of course, this means that you’ll have to inform them of the password. Secure Gmail can be installed from their website.

4. Snooze

With the Gmail Snooze plug in you now snooze emails until a more appropriate time when it may need your attention. How many times have you read an email with the intention to respond to it later, but forgotten about it? Install Gmail Snooze and forget about less important emails until it’s time to remember them. Once snoozed, on the day and time of your choice, the email will appear among your latest messages.

5. Boomerang

With Boomerang you can schedule emails to be sent out in the future. What you can also do is create a reminder that will notify you when your recipients have failed to reply to your emails after a specified amount of time. This way you can keep track of important emails or applications that you have sent out.



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