App of the Week: QuizUp


This week’s App of the Week is actually a game. QuizUp, as is evident from the title, is a game where you put your knowledge to test. QuizUp prides itself for being the world’s largest trivia game with a plethora of categories ranging from ‘History’ to ‘Name the Flag’, and even ‘Beer’. You’re sure to find something you’re interested in. 

To begin playing QuizUp, you need an account – you can either create one or login using your Google mail or Facebook. When you’ve logged in, it is as simple as choosing a topic and hitting ‘play’. You can then either challenge one of your friends or QuizUp chooses an opponent for you. QuizUp has a large player base so it takes a few seconds for it to find you an opponent.

Each quiz consists of seven questions with the last one being a bonus question worth double points. You have ten seconds to answer each question and you’re scored based on how quickly you choose the right answer from the multiple choices presented to you. 

It’s time to level up your knowledge. You can play QuizUp online on their website or download QuizUp from one of the following stores:

app_apple_store google_play   amazon_appstore


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