LibreOffice – Free Office Suite


If you’re feeling you’re having to pay an arm and leg for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice might be a useful alternative. LibreOffice is an extremely competent Office suite, that is open source, cross-platform, and most importantly, it is free.  You can add extensions to your LibreOffice suite which means you can personalise the look, its features, and the feel of the suite to suit your needs.

LibreOffice comprises the following softwares: LibreOffice Writer (Microsoft Word equivalent), LibreOffice Calc (Microsoft Excel equivalent), LibreOffice Base (Microsoft Access equivalent), and LibreOffice Impress (Microsoft PowerPoint equivalent). LibreOffice is much like its counterpart, Microsoft Office, in terms of its working.  In case you’re wondering, it is compatible with all Microsoft files.


In the latest version of LibreOffice, the developers have improved its basic functionality and efficiency. Try LibreOffice today and as always, we recommend that you regularly save and back-up your work.

Where to get it?

To download the latest version of LibreOffice, head to their website.

Extensions to customise LibreOffice are available on their website as well.

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