App of the Week: Flipd

Capture Are you easily distracted by your phone? Do you spend hours swiping your screen when you’re actually supposed to be doing other productive work? Here’s an app that will make sure you do not procrastinate any more. Flipd, as their developers describe, offers a much-needed ‘digital detox’. What Flipd does is, it locks you out of your phone for a specified (by you) amount of time. Be sure you’re ready to commit to that time because the app truly locks you out. It does give you a bit of downtime – one minute to do whatever you want to do on your phone – and then locks you out again. Besides, this can only be done once during your session. There is an emergency call list, just in case. While you’re ‘flipd off’, there is an option to set or choose from a list of auto responses that you may want to send anyone who calls or messages you. Perhaps, this is what we all need to avoid jumping each time we hear a notification tone.

Flipd is currently available to android users and can be downloaded from Google play google_play

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