Three Ways to Organise your Apps

We all love apps but the downside to it is that it clutters our phones and tablet devices. By default, most of the apps on our devices are arranged alphabetically. However, we have so many of them that it becomes hard to get access to them.Have you considered grouping them? Here’s how you can do it:

Categorise them using verbs

We have have a variety of apps that we use to read the news, watch videos, capture, and share photographs. So, why not group them using verbs – listen, read, watch – to describe what the apps do.

 Colour code them


Another effective way of organising apps are by grouping them according to colours. We tend to associate colours better than text, and colours are a good way to help you navigate your phone.


 Categorise according to frequency of use


We all have a couple of applications we depend on and use on a regular basis. Avoid spending all your time wading through the numbers apps you have. Instead, organise your apps based on how often you use them. Arrange the frequently used apps first, followed by the ones you use every once in a while, and finally the lesser used ones.

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