Visual Note-taking – Some Tips and Tricks


                     Claudio - Communication Week's Sketchnote - Flickr

For many students, written note taking is difficult. What’s worse, is having to re-read the notes later. Instead, try taking down visual notes. Mapping out what you’ve read or heard in the form of images and sketches not only allows you capture ideas quickly but also avoids the clutter of full sentences and chunks of text. The aim of visual notes are to create something that you would want to take out again and look at. 

How to make visual notes?

1. Have the essentials – a book, some pens (use colours if you’re feeling particularly adventurous), and colour correct liquid (if you dislike mistakes on paper).


2. Learn some basic shapes that you think you’ll be using very often while note-taking. For example: some basic shapes such as stars, squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles, or some basic objects such as books, pens, clouds, and people.

3. Learn some fonts – remember that tall fonts go well with fat fonts.







4. Include different types of clouds and bubbles in your notes. Also use speech acts for emphasis.
5. Use some creative bullets to list out points.
6. Learn a variety of creative connectors to use in your visual notes.



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