App of the Week: Pocket


Whether you’re aimlessly browsing online or looking for something in particular on the internet, with Pocket you can now save all the webpages, articles, videos, blogs,and photographs that you’d like to revisit or view later. Pocket is available across all your devices, and so you can be sure that once it’s in your pocket you can view it anywhere and on any device. Now, you can also use Pocket offline, making it one of the must-have apps.

It can prove to be a useful app for students because you can use Pocket as a storage space for all your study materials and with the send to friend feature, you can also share your resources. Alternatively, you can share material from Pocket to your Evernote and organise them into notebooks.

Another attractive feature for Android users is that Pocket for android has the text-to-speech feature. When you’re tired from all the reading, just choose this option and Pocket will pamper you by reading your articles out to you.

Where to get it


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Ways to save to Pocket

One way to start using Pocket is to download Pocket for Chrome. doing this installs a Pocket button that lets you save items with one click. you can install Pocket for chrome from here. Alternatively, you can  drag the Pocket bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark tab. To do this, visit their website by clicking here. You can also add links to your Pocket via email. To do this you have to send an email with the link in the body of the email to

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