App of the Week: what3words


What3words has introduced a universal addressing system where the world is split up into 3mx3m squares. Each of these squares is now assigned a 3 word address, for example: depravity.gathering.bids. This unique system is more accurate than a postal address and it’s also easier to remember. This is especially helpful when you want to point out to someone your exact location – for some places, postal addresses just don’t suffice. You know this to be true because it has happened more than once that you are where your friend has asked you to be; yet, she is no where to be seen. In such a case, being able to point out your exact location using three words, makes this app all the more attractive. 

This can turn out to be a really useful app, especially for students. Every year new students arrive at the university and the first few days can be really daunting – new city, new people, new streets, and new landmarks. It’s natural to lose your way around Sheffield (or any other city for that matter). Even if you’re one of those people who is excellent with places and directions, you should befriend this app. As such there are some places or specific buildings that do not have a name or number, and postcodes often do not give you a very accurate idea of its exact location. With what3words, you can choose a particular point on the map – even if it’s a fence – and it’ll show you three words that you can then send to someone to get them to meet you exactly at that fence.

What3words is available on the web, on Android and Apple devices. You can use the web version of the app on their website or download it from the following stores:

google_play        app_apple_store



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