Did you know you could access your SHU files remotely?

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When you are using a Sheffield Hallam University managed desktop computer you can access your homespace by going to “My Computer” and double clicking on the “F:” drive. You can also access these files remotely with a computer that has internet access. The following guides give instructions on how to access your homespace on a range of devices.

Up to date information, additional details and a listing of full guides can be found on the shuspace article Accessing your files off campus.

Access via a Web Browser

SHU Filestore Web Application

You can access your HomeDrive via a web browser at: https://myfiles.shu.ac.uk

If you have not already logged in to another SHU service (for example shuspace) you will be prompted to login using your SHU credentials. Once logged in you should be able to access you HomeDrive and the Student Shared Drive, download files for editing and upload any new or edited files.

For further information and a full guide see Online File Access via a Web Browser.

Access via WebDav

Its also possible to access and use your HomeDrive directly from your own PC via a technology called WebDav. WebDav allows you to connect remotely to your HomeDrive using the file browser built into you operating system in the same way you would access your documents or pictures. The following sections explain the basics of connecting to your HomeDrive dependent on the devices operating system.

Windows Users

The following are shortened instructions based upon those provided on shuspace, if you are having difficulty following these try the full guides on shuspace listed below.

  • Open Windows Explorer/File Explorer and browse to Computer/This PC.
  • Select “Map network drive” on the menu.
  • Click the link ‘Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures.’
  • Click Next for the following two steps.
  • When prompted to specify the location in Internet or network address enter: https://myfiles.shu.ac.uk/webdav
  • When prompted for your credentials enter your usual SHU username and password.
  • You will be prompted to name the location, unless you want to change this click Next continue.
  • Click Finish.
  • You should then see a new network drive in computer named ‘myfiles.shu.ac.uk’

Full guides to the process and detailed information can be found at either Online File Access via Windows 7 or Online File Access via Windows 8.

Mac Users

If your a Mac user then a full guide can be found on shuspace, additionally you may want to check out this apple support article.

Chromebook Users

Toshibia Chromebook - Wikimedia

Currently there is no WebDAV support within Chome OS, if you need to access your files then you can do via the web method detailed above by accessing https://myfiles.shu.ac.uk.

If you need regular access to file’s on a chromebook then you may want to copy any files from your homespace onto your Google Drive account.

Linux Users

Ubuntu Desktop

If you are a Linux User then the process varies dependent of the distribution you are using. Below are general instructions to help you get started, if you are having difficulties you may want to search the web for additional help.

  • Open the file browser
  • Under the “File” menu select “Connect to”
  • If prompted for service type choose “WebDAV (HTTP)”
  • The server address is https://myfiles.shu.ac.uk/webdav (you may need to change “https” to “davs”)
  • Use your usual SHU username and password (in some cases you may need to prefix the username with “shu\”

IMPORTANT: If you work with data or documents that contain sensitive information, please remember to encrypt it before storing, sending, or working with it anywhere other than on the University networked drives.

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  1. Please note – if you work with data or documents containing information about individuals, or with other sensitive data, you must encrypt it before storing, sending or working with it anywhere other than on the University networked drives.

  2. I tried the Linux instructions listed here. I’m using Nautilus on Ubuntu (which, incidentally, is I think what is pictured). I chose File > Connect to Server and entered davs://myfiles.shu.ac.uk/webdav. I tried my username with and without shu\. In both cases I get this response: “Unhandled error message: Not a WebDAV-enabled share”. Can you help?



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