App of the Week: Wordament

Wordament - via Windows Store

Wordament – via Windows Store

This week’s app of the week is actually a game. It’s available for just about every device around (which gets an instant thumbs up), is suitable for almost everyone, can be played in your own style and pace, and encourages you to learn obscure new words in the hope of getting a higher score.

Wordament is a word finding game that pitches you against thousands of other players in real-time. If you’re feeling competitive there are many ways to win: find the most words possible, earn the best score, find the longest words or beat your top score.

Where to get it

Wordament is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire. The app is available from the following app stores:

app_apple_store google_play Windows Store badge in black.  amazon_appstore

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