5 Google Chrome apps for boosting efficiency


1. StayFocusd

Do you get distracted very easily? Are you addicted to social media? Or, Do you find it hard to focus? Don’t fret, just download the ‘StayFocusd‘ extension. With this Chrome extension, you can either block the sites that you think are your biggest hindrances to being productive or you can simply set a limit and restrict the amount of time you spend of these sites.

2. Google Dictionary

We all use a dictionary every now and then. With the Google dictionary that you can add onto your browser, you don’t need to interrupt your browsing by opening a new webpage to look up a word. All you have to do is double click a word you don’t know the meaning to and the dictionary gives you a pop-up definition. It also offers you a link to further information.

3. TabCloud

Tabbed browsing means we get to do multiple things efficiently at the same time. But what happens when we get lost amidst all the open tabs or when you sit down to work at a later time and don’t remember all the tabs you had opened at an earlier time? TabCloud, an extension on chrome lets you save your browsing session regardless of the number of tabs you have open. It also allows you to sync open tabs between multiple computers. To use it, you simply click on the icon and choose whichever session you want to reuse.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screen shot is a useful and straightforward screenshot tool that allows you to capture either whole pages or part of a page that you like. You can also annotate the screen shot, blur out irrelevant or sensitive information and download the screenshot as a jpg or png file.

5. Save to Pocket

Pocket, that started off as an app to read articles as well as save them for a later time, is now available on Chrome as an extension. Save to Pocket allows you to add any article you’re currently reading or one that you would like to read to pocket with one click. It automatically syncs to all your mobile devices that have the app installed.Once articles are saved on Pocket, they can be read even if you’re offline.

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