App of the Week: Rescue Time


We all find ourselves slacking off, every now and then and that’s okay.We tend to watch Youtube videos, or waste time on Facebook, during the hours we had initially assigned to get some work done. If you find yourself falling behind in terms of finishing work or meeting deadlines, that’s your cue for managing your time better. We may be using up more time goofing off on the internet than we actually realise. Here’s an app that could help you improve your time management by giving you a closer look at how much time you spend on work and how much you spend doing everything else.


Rescue Time is a tracking application that keeps a record of the amount of time you spend on different websites or programs. It also generates a weekly report that enables you to look at how you could organise your time better.

Where to get it

To start using Rescue Time, head to their website that is available on You will need to sign up for an account. Rescue time offers a free (forever) account that lets you use three features – tracking websites and applications, set goals, and generate weekly reports.  The free account also comes with a 14 day trial of the pro version.

After you’ve signed up for a new account, download the application on to your system and let it run in the background. If you don’t want it to run all day every day, you can always pause it by changing the settings on the application dashboard.






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