Submitting Turnitin Assignments

Turnitin is a service that compares your work against a database of academic sources, student papers and websites to see if any text matches. Any work you submit for assessment purposes may be put through this service.

By submitting a piece of work to Turnitin, tutors and students can identify text from other sources that matches the text in that work. This enables the user to identify the level of matching words, sections with poor referencing and any areas of potential copying in order to assess the originality of the writing. This can help you to avoid plagiarising in work.

Further information about Turnitin and how it works.

Turnitin Assignments

Turnitin assignments can be identified on module sites by the red and grey Turnitin logo. Your module leader may have included instructions with the assignment so be careful to read these before proceeding. Once you have read any instructions open the View/Complete link. You will be presented with the Turnitin class homepage.


The homepage displays the assignment title, information or instructions regarding the assignment, submission dates, the similarity ‘score’ of any submitted assignment (available about a day after submission, if this option has been enabled by the module leader) and options to submit, view and download any submissions you made. Some assignments allow re-submissions, these can be identified by clicking the info icon: assignments with re-submissions allow you to submit multiple times until the due date though it will take more than a day to generate a new report after a resubmission.

Making a Submission

To make a submission click the blue submit button for the appropriate assignment. Your details should already be completed however you should add an appropriate Submission title for the assignment.


The primary method for submissions it to upload a document containing the relevant work, in Turnitin this is know as a single file upload. Alternatively you can copy and paste the text of your submission via the cut and paste upload although we would not normally recommend this method.

The following requirements apply when uploading a single file.

  • File must be less than 20MB
  • File must have at least 20 words of text
  • Maximum paper length of 400 pages
  • File should be one of the following types: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), Google Docs, and plain text

There are currently three options for submitting files; upload files from your computer, upload files from Dropbox or upload files from Google Drive.

If the file is stored on your computer, a removable device such as a memory stick or  the university network you should choose the from your computer option. This will present the appropriate file explorer for your system from which you can browse and select the file to be uploaded.

If you wish to upload a file stored on Google Drive or Dropbox you will be prompted to login to the appropriate service. If your document is stored on your university Google Drive account you can login with your usual credentials. Once you have access to either service you should be able to browse and select the file you wish to include.

NOTE: You can only upload one file for a turnitin submission, if you need to submit multiple files to complete the assessment instructions you should contact your module leader.

After you have selected your file by either of the above methods you will see its filename highlighted. To continue with the submission process click the upload button. This may take several seconds or minutes dependent on the size of the file and internet connection.

If you have selected the wrong file or want to change the selected file click the clear file button, if you receive an invalid file type error then the selected file is not of a type compatible with Turnitin and you should clear the file and select an file that has a compatible type as listed above.

Confirming a Submission

After the file has been uploaded you will be asked to confirm that the work uploaded the correct document. After several seconds a preview should be generated of the document for you to review and confirm the document is correct, there may be some minor formatting differences in the preview so check if the overall content rather than how it is presented.

If you are happy with the submission click the confirm button to complete the submission. You will not be able to cancel the submission after this action.

TIP: You can cancel and return at a later date by clicking the cancel button before confirming the submission.

Completed Submission

Upon completion of the submission you should receive confirmation on screen. Additionally you should receive a receipt via email confirming successful submission (this will be sent to your student Google Mail account).

If you click Return to assignment list you will return to the class homepage. The View and Download buttons should now be available for the submitted assignment.

The Download link allows you to download a copy of the submitted work in either its originally submitted format or as a pdf. You can also download a copy of the full digital receipt if you wish.

The document’s similarity ‘score’ will be shown if the module leader has enabled the ability to view this as part of the assessment, and can be clicked on to view the complete report. The submission can also be viewed by clicking the View button, this opens a new window displaying the document, again if enabled the similarity of the document will be shown. Further information is available on MyHallam about the Turnitin view and Interpreting Turnitin Originality Reports.

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