App of the Week: Noisli


Do you find it hard to focus when it’s too quiet? Are you that person who needs a little background noise to help you concentrate? If you nodded yes, we have just what you need. Noisli is an app that lets you pick your own set of background noises from a range of different sounds available. Research has shown that a little background noise can spur creativity, keep you motivated, and boost productivity. It allows you to combine sounds such as rain, wind, fan, and more. It also has the sound of a coffee shop clutter!

Once you’ve chosen your favourite noise, you can let it run in the background while you work or relax.If you’re a writer, then the web version provides you with a space for typing on-screen that includes an array of colours as backdrop. The screen shows you a word count as well as the option to download your work once done.


Where to get it

For all you users on the go, Noisli is currently available as a paid app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.


Noisli is also available for free via a web browser at

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