App of the week: Trello

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Trello is an online tool for organising pretty much anything an a flexible way. Trello has three basic elements; boards, lists and cards. Commonly boards represent an project, lists can be used to represent stages in the project, categories or anything else you might want group tasks by and cards represent the individual tasks. On each card the user has the ability to add members, upload attachment, create check lists, assign due dates and comment on progress.

All of these features make Trello a great tool for organising your individual work or when working collaboratively on a group project.

Trello uses a freemium pricing model were you have access to basic features for free and can purchase or subscribe to additional functionality, although these paid for features are primarily aimed at business users and are not required for basic use.

How to login with your SHU account (optional)

If your interested in using Trello it is possible to to use you SHU Google  account for signing up and logging in.To Sign up:

  1. Go to and select signup
  2. Select ‘Sign up with Google Account’
  3. On the Google login page enter your student email address (no password) and sign in.
  4. You’ll be prompted to login to you SHU account using your normal credentials.
  5. If you agree accept the permissions trello is requesting.

You should then have access to your trello boards. You might want to check out the getting started guides. To login using the same account select ‘login with google’ and repeat steps 3 and 4.

Where to get it

Currently Trello has apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets, Kindle Fire and Windows 8. The apps are available from the following app stores:

app_apple_store  google_play  Windows Store badge in black. amazon_appstore

You can also access Trello via a web browser at http://www.trello,com/

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