Where is software available at SHU?


A full list of what software and the room it is available in can be found on shuspace at:


Specialist software in learning centres

Specialist software is also available in the Adsetts and Collegiate learning centres. In addition to the standard student PC’s there are currently two categories of PC’s with specialist software.

Type A – High specification PC’s that run resource intensive applications.

Type B – Standard PC’s with access to software in addition to that available with the standard student suite.

Find out more information about what specialist software is available in the learning centres and where it is located.

Specialist software at Collegiate Crescent

Specialist software is also available for students at Collegiate Crescent, a detailed list of this software can also be found on shuspace.

Free software

Some specialist software packages are also free to download as a student at Sheffield Hallam for use on your own devices (further details can be found on shuspace) and this includes:

SHU Software Portal at Academia
Access to NVIVO, SPSS and ArcGIS software packages.

SHU Microsoft Webstore
This provides access to a range of Microsoft development software.

When accessing software from either of the above sources you will need to register using your email address ending in ‘@student.shu.ac.uk’, its also recommended you use a password that is different from that used at SHU. Once registered a confirmation email will be sent with a link to make the account active. Alternatively you can also access a collection of Microsoft development software via DreamSpark.

Online software

A number of tools are also freely accessible for on-line use via a web browser:

Google Drive
Includes document viewers through Google Docs  (accessed via your student account)

Office Online
Provides browser based access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote

Purchasing software

Software packages can also be purchased by students at discounted rates. The following companies offer discounts on their software directly to students (proof of enrolment is often required):

Microsoft offer a 4 year subscription to Office 365 University

Adobe offer educational discounts to students on their Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Quark provide a discount on their QuarkXPress products.

Parallels offer a student edition of their desktop virtualization software for mac.

Corel offer student editions of several of their software packages.

Additionally there is also a page detailing what software you can buy at SHU on shuspace.

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  1. Can I just mention that students wanting to obtain free software from the SHU Software Portal at Academia (for NVIVO, SPSS and ArcGIS) or from the SHU Microsoft Webstore need to register at each site using their email address ending ‘@student.shu.ac.uk’, and should use a different password from the one used to log on at SHU. After registration a confirmation email will be sent with a link to click to make the account active. The SHU Microsoft Webstore provides a range of free Microsoft ‘developer software’ – the Microsoft Dreamspark Standard range. 🙂

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