Changes to printing in Adsetts learning centre

We are introducing a new way of printing in Adsetts from 15th July. This will mean you can collect your printing from any of the all-in-one printers in the learning centre using your SHUcard. (This system is already in use in Collegiate learning centre.)

Don’t worry, it’s very similar to the method we use at the moment for colour printing and there will be pop up instructions when you choose to print in black and white. The staff in the learning centre will be able to help you when it is first introduced. You just need to make sure you remember your SHUcard (one of the new-style ones).

What are the benefits of the new system?

  • You’ll be able to collect your printing from any all-in-one printer so if one is busy you can go straight to another one.
  • No one can accidentally pick up your printing – it won’t be released until you’ve logged in.
  • You will have more printing options and more printers to choose from.
  • There will be no change in cost.

The black and white printers will be replaced by new all-in-one printers (like the current colour printers) and two new all-in-one printers will be installed in the café area of Adsetts.


Adsetts Learning Centre

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