Submitting Work: Google Docs File Types

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The university has recently seen an increase in the number of unsupported files being submitted to Blackboard through shuspace. As a general rule file types created by Chromebooks and Google Drive are unsupported, this includes those in the .gdoc format.

Students are reminded that word processed documents should be submitted in the .doc, .docx or .pdf formats. If you are a Chromebook user, you can choose to save your files in a suitable format by doing the following:

  1. Select the ‘Actions’ menu.
  2. Choose ‘Download…’ or ‘Download as…’.
  3. A ‘Convert and Download’ menu will appear where you can then select the ‘Microsoft Word’ option.
  4. Finally click ‘Download’. Once complete this is the file you should submit to Blackboard.

You may interested in learning how to avoid other errors when submitting files to Blackboard.

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