Did you know Google Chrome is available at SHU?

Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome Icon – Wikimedia Commons

The default browser across the university is Internet Explorer 9, this works fine with most on the online resources within SHU and even provides backwards compatibility with some older sites. However the browser is (at the time of writing) just over 3 years old, and two newer versions IE10 and IE11 have since been released. 

Due to speed at which web technologies evolve you may encounter problems when accessing some newer websites using IE9, while most of these still continue to work there could be a loss of functionality. For example when accessing Google Apps, you will probably be presented with a message regarding the use of an outdated browser and some features such as spell checking will not be available. You may also be prompted to update your browser or download an alternative, if you are using a computer within university then this will not be possible as all software is managed by IT.

If you are encountering issues accessing a website within university or feel like using an alternative browser then Google Chrome is available across all Managed Desktops.

You can access Google Chrome via two methods:
Go to the Start Menu, select All Programs and open Google Chrome from the top of the list.

If you are more of a fan keyboard short cuts:
Press the Windows key, type “chrome” and press Enter.

You can find out more information about what software is available across the university on shuspace. If you want to know more about Google Chrome you may want to read our What is Google Chrome? article.

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