The shuTech blog has moved!

New address, same content

Until now the shuTech blog has been hosted on a commercial hosting service using WordPress software. From now on shuTech will be hosted on a server based in Sheffield Hallam continuing to use WordPress software, this should improve the experience when visiting the blog, provide greater control over the content and enable more features without incurring any costs. 

As part of the move all existing content has been transferred over to the new site and a redirect for any links to existing posts will be configured shortly allowing you to keep any existing bookmarks. 

New look and feel

The last significant change to the look of shuTech was way back in 2012 so as part of the move the blog has been redesigned based on the Expound theme. This utilises the colours that you will be used to and associate with SHU but its own distinct style.

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