Getting to grips with social media


There’s a couple of things happening at SHU that will help you use social media to enhance your learning, and to make you more employable.

At you’ll find some guides that explain

  • how to take responsibility for your social media, and avoid getting into scrapes
  • how to clean up your digital footprint
  • the best ways to stay safe online
  • how to start using social media to your advantage

The Careers Service run social media workshops every fortnight. Check their pages for dates and details, and to book your place.

  • Using Social Media to Find Work – Build Your Brand: Using Social Media to Market Yourself Online
    Do you know how you’re presenting yourself online? Is it aligned with how you want to be seen by others, including employers? In this session we will assess your current situation and help you decide what to do next to build a professional presence.
  • Are You Linked In? Social Media for Networking Create or improve your LinkedIn profile to maximise your professional online presence.
    Employers are increasingly using social media to find and recruit talent to their business. In this practical workshop, you will have the chance to create, edit, and improve your LinkedIn profile, helping you to establish your own professional online presence. Employment Advisers will be available to answer questions and offer guidance. This is suitable for social media users at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Plus, you can always drop into the Careers & Employability centre for a chat with one of the advisers, or to find out more.

If you already use social media strategically to support your studies or your employability, please let us know (email Helen at ). We’re looking for Sheffield Hallam students who know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it – and are reaping the benefits!

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