Blackboard and shuspace upgrades

Unfortunately we had to postpone the upgrade scheduled for earlier in June. We have now decided on two new times for the Blackboard upgrades:

  • From 6pm Friday 12th and all day Saturday 13th July (at risk Sunday 14th)
  • From 6pm Friday 26th and all day Saturday 27th July (at risk Sunday 28th)

The first upgrade will be for the hardware that runs Blackboard, while the second upgrade will bring in an improved interface that includes notifications of new Blackboard content for students. We expect that shuspace and Blackboard will be available again on the Sundays, but they should be considered ‘at risk’ (which means it is possible they will not be available if the upgrade takes longer than expected).

We apologise for any inconvenience this upgrade may cause you and we will try to minimise any downtime as a result.

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