£5000 grant available to students with a great technology idea

A grant of £5000 is being offered to students who come up with an idea of how technology can provide benefits for UK higher or further education. The grant is being provided by Jisc, a charity which funds innovation in UK education and research, and is part of the Summer of Student Innovation project.

A group of students can submit a project proposal to the website, which is then voted for by the people from institutions all over the country. Any idea which received over 150 votes from at least three different institutions will be considered by the judges, and could be in with a chance to getting £5000 backing.

The deadline for a proposal is 17th June, and the project must meet the following criteria:

  1. The idea must use technology to improve research, education or the post 16 student experience. Anything that falls outside this broad scope cannot be funded. If you have any questions about suitability of your idea, please contact Andy McGregor for an informal chat a.mcgregor@jisc.ac.uk.
  2. The idea must not duplicate existing Jisc funded or planned work. Are there other projects or programmes covering this area of work? Is the project offering something distinct from what already exists? You can explore the kinds of projects that Jisc has funded in the past by visiting the projects and programmes section of the Jisc website.
  3. The idea must have the potential to benefit more than one eligible organisation. We want to fund ideas that have the potential to benefit the higher and further education sector or a significant proportion of it. Ideas that are focused purely on benefiting one institution will not be approved.
  4. The idea must not include the development or purchase of content. Ideas that propose to create, commission, or repurpose content for research or teaching such as lecture notes, learning objects, podcasts, videos, training materials or virtual world artefacts will not be eligible.
  5. Submissions must include a statement of support from the institution. The funding available will be distributed to the eligible organisation (e.g. your university or college). It will not be given directly to students. Therefore we need assurances that the university is willing to administer the funds on your behalf. There is a declaration about this on the submission form. The name and email address of a suitable member of staff who you have consulted with about this must be entered on this form.

To enter your ideas and encourage your fellow students to vote for your suggestions visit the Summer of Student Innovation website or follow #studentideas on Twitter.

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