Did you know… you can still access old module sites to get previous years’ content and feedback?

As you progress through your education at Sheffield Hallam there may be times when you want to reflect on modules you have taken previously, perhaps to recap on some lecture content or access feedback from assignments. What you might not know is that you can easily access Blackboard sites from previous years of study in order to view all your old content and feedback.

Accessing your old sites is simple. In the Blackboard sites channel of shuspace, where you can find your current sites, there is also a tab called ‘All Sites’. By clicking on here you can see the module sites from previous years of study at SHU, arranged in chronological order, along with the organisation sites you have been enrolled on. From here you can access them, and their content, in the usual way.

Screenshot of shuspace showing All Sites option.

Access your old Blackboard sites

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