Having issues with submitting assignments in Blackboard? Read our quick tip to fix a glitch.

It has been brought to our attention that a number of students have had trouble submitting assignments in Blackboard – some of you have reported that nothing is happening when the ‘Submit’ button is pressed. Of course when you’re submitting an assignment (probably with only a few hours… or minutes… to go before the deadline) you don’t need the extra stress. But fear not, it’s a glitch that is related to the Visual Text Editor and should be very simple to sort out.

If this is happening to you, make sure the Visual Text Editor is set on ‘On’ before pressing the ‘Submit’ button. See the screenshot below showing where to look out for this.


Screenshot of where to find visual text editor 'on' button
Make sure visual text editor is switched On before submitting.

Hopefully now you should be able to submit your work, and you can always navigate back into the submission point before the deadline to check that your work has been sent through.

If you have further problems contact IT Help, and let your tutor know that you are having problem submitting your work as soon as you can.

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