Did you know… you can change your settings to receive Announcements and other Notifications in Blackboard?

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed out on an important piece of information about your course, such as a room change for a seminar, or a reminder about a submitting a piece of coursework? Now that many of us have smartphones or tablets, with constant access to University emails through the SHUgo app, you’d have thought there’d be no excuse for not being on the ball. But maybe you really didn’t get the memo… so it might be time to think about checking your Notification settings in Blackboard.

Notifications Dashboard button in shuspace

How to access the Notifications Dashboard

There is a little-used but very helpful tool in Blackboard called the Notifications Dashboard. It is accessed at the top of the MySHU tab in shuspace, and gives you access to all of your Notifications from different courses. These are split into different ‘Channels’ so you can digest all of your modules’ Announcements, ‘Needs Attention’ and ‘To Do’ notifications all in one place. As well as this, from here you can also edit and fine tune your settings of how your receive Notifications for modules and organisations either individually or in bulk, by clicking on ‘Edit Notification Settings’.

Screenshot of Edit Notification Settings

Your options for editing Notification settings

This is what you can do:

  • In ‘Edit General Settings’ you can decide whether to receive an email for each Notification or a daily digest, and set how far before a due-date to receive a reminder, for both module and organisation sites.
  • In ‘Edit Individual Module/Organisation Settings’ there are individual options for each type of Notification. If you feel like you’re missing out on Announcements or being told about new Discussion board messages, you may want to make sure that the email setting is switched on here. [However, ignore the ‘Mobile’ column as the system is not set up to send text notifications at the moment].
Screenshot of individual settings

Fine tine your Notification settings


  • By using the ‘Bulk Edit Notifications setting’ the options are the same as with individual, but you can apply it to your selection of Modules or Organisations at the same time.

So take a couple of minutes to check and personalise your notification settings to suit your needs.

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