Google Calendars and your Timetable are finally hooking up

We posted back in October about how Google Calendars and your Timetable are soon going to be integrated so that you can view your appointments all in one place, including on your smartphone via the SHUgo app. We’re happy to announce that this integration has now started to be rolled out, so soon you should receive an email telling you how to link you Google Calendar to your timetable.

Google Calendar is already accessed through the same place as your emails – just look at the bar at the top of the browser which contains other Apps like Google Drive. So you can already start adding in your own events, appointments and reminders as well as sharing and importing friends’ and course-mates’ calendars and keeping up to date with sports events and holidays through Google’s ‘Interesting Calendars’. But when you are able to link it with your timetable, it will become really useful as all of your course activities will be easy to view alongside your emails or on-the-go via the SHUgo app.

Screenshot of Google calendar on the SHUgo app

Google calendar on the SHUgo app

The roll-out is happening incrementally across the student population of the University, so look out for the email telling you what to do to link the Calendar with your timetable. Once you’re linked up, we’d love to hear what you think about the service so leave us a comment below or get in touch through our Facebook page.

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  2. Hi,

    I would like to link up my timetable with Google Calendar. Is there anyway you can send out the email again explaining how to do this ?


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