Did you know… you can now scan to email and release printing via smartphones in Learning Centres?

As part of recent improvements made to the learning centres, the colour printers have been replaced by colour photocopiers. As a result of this, there are two clever new features to help you scan and print documents quickly, easily and without wasting money.

Mobile print release

By sending work to the single ‘colour’ print queue in either Adsetts or Collegiate Learning Centres, you can then find the nearest colour photocopier and release the print using your smartphone. Then all you have to do is look for the QR code near the device, or enter bit.ly/mobprint in your smartphone’s web browser, to access PaperCut. Login using your  usual username and password, search for the name of the printer in the site, and then select the document you want to print. Low and behold, your work should come out before your eyes, rather than become lost in a heap of other students’ work before you even find the printer.

A photocopier

Scan to email

Due to student feedback on the lack of availability of PCs with scanners, the scan to email function has been introduced through the new colour photocopiers in learning centres. Through these new devices, documents up to A3 in size can be scanned, for free, and sent to your email address. All you have to do is:

1. Locate the colour photocopier and login using your username and password

2. Select scan/fax and ‘Direct Input > Email’ – it will then ask for your email address.

3. All you need to do now is scan your document by placing it in the device and pressing the blue button. Simple!

For more information read the news article about these new features, which includes a webcast video on mobile print release, or visit the Learning Centre Helpdesk.

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