Access your Blackboard course content on the go with Blackboard Mobile

You may already use your smartphone or tablet to check your SHU email account, or to search the Library gateway while on the go. However, did you know that access to your Blackboard content and tools is at your fingertips through the SHUgo app? SHUgo is a gateway to resources such as SHU emails, campus maps, help, news and the library catalogue; however, it also supports Blackboard Mobile Learn which is a handy way to access your modules when not tethered to a PC.

Blackboard Mobile Learn allows you to gain access to the content on your module and organisation sites, such as lecture slides, tests and discussion boards. In fact, many of these tools work through a much slicker, more user-friendly interface on a smartphone or tablet than they do at the PC. Try out discussion boards and blogs, which display posts in a conversation ‘speech bubble’ layout, or quickly locate documents such as lecture handouts and PDFs; Blackboard Mobile also gives you immediately access to Announcements.

A screenshot of an iphone using Blackboard mobile discussion boards

Discussion boards in Blackboard mobile
















Just a word of warning – although most devices will happily let you view common file types such as Word documents, Powerpoint slides and PDFs, as well as allowing access to external websites linked from Blackboard, some may struggle if your tutor has put up some more adventurous content (and of course, your iPhone/iPad won’t be able to deal with Flash!). If you’re already using Blackboard Mobile we’d love to hear your comments – which tools work best for you?

Find shuGo, which gives you access to Blackboard mobile, in the Apple App store or in Google Play for Android devices.

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