Did you know… you can get 25GB of storage space on Dropbox?

Sheffield Hallam University has been taking part in the Dropbox ‘Space Race’, which means that more referrals to the Dropbox service has resulted in more storage space. The Space Race has finished and we have reached the maximum 25GB of storage – a whole lot more than the usual 2GB offered by Dropbox for free!

All you have to do is visit https://www.dropbox.com/spacerace and sign up to Dropbox (in the top right hand corner) using your SHU student email address, which ends @student.shu.ac.uk. Then download Dropbox to your PC, phone and other devices you use, and start safely storing and sharing your files. You can earn even more space by referring friends, following Dropbox on Twitter and connecting your Facebook account.

Photo of an Ipod and Imac both using Dropbox

Dropbox on all your devices. Photo by Ian Lamont, Flickr

For other options on file storage and sharing at SHU and beyond, read our recent article What are your options for saving files? From the Hard Drive to the Cloud – an introduction to storage and back-up.

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