We need your views! What would you like to see in shuspace? Join a focus group to give your opinions and ideas

You probably access shuspace on a regular basis to check emails, access Blackboard sites and perhaps look for advice or help on topics such as referencing, IT or careers and employability. But do you feel like you’re getting the information you need from shuspace? Does it represents you as a student at Sheffield Hallam, or can you think of how it could be more community-focussed?

Screenshot of shuspace University Life tab

What would you like to see in shuspace?

If you would like to be involved with influencing the direction of shuspace, and have a direct impact on the development of this important online environment for students at SHU, then join in with a focus group. The focus group is taking place on the 14th December, 2pm, at City Campus. If you’re interested, please register so we can provide you with the details you need to take part.

If benefits like having an opportunity to make a difference to your university, plus enhancing your CV, aren’t persuasive enough, there will also be free refreshments available at the workshop!

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